Global Warming

Global warming is an explosive affair between Earth and the Cosmos.
Each year increases by one degree
leaving little hope for cool weather,
raising a need for long, sodden winters.

Each year keeps getting hotter,
we seek new swimming holes.
Our longing for a sodden winter swells,
wishing for water to help our rivers.

Old swimming holes are dry up,
water everywhere is dwindling.
We’re left wondering over the lack of rain,
Which would inevitably cool our summers.

As our supply of water decreases
food sources become scarce.
Faced with hell-hot summers,
there is little hope for rain.

Food is in short supply
people are anxious,
“We need more than hope for water!”
The temperature is rising.

Anxiety increases.
The love affair gets heated
temperatures are soaring,
There is little hope for cool weather.

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