She Sees You

She is better when sad,
With downturned face,
Lips pulled thin,
Lost in thought–
Her edges sharp.
Then, up you walk
To tease out her smile
Hidden under cloudy eyes.
When her gaze meets yours
You believe in “we”–
That you are what she wants,
That you are her only wish.
As she sits in a corner
Of this awful, tiny room
That she made last week
When she pushed him away,
But now–
She is looking at you.

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2 comments on “She Sees You

  1. That guy says:


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  2. On my blog? Really? Email me or something. I should have blocked you out a long time ago. Choices were made. You don’t know me anymore. Three years dude. That’s a lot of life that’s been lived and lost

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