Country Roads

An old man in an old truck–
Gut stretching the seat belt,
Gun rack loaded,
Bullets beneath the bench seat.
He lost what he wanted
A long time ago,
Using it all up,
Spending long moments
Away from his life.
The other he left there
His best girl with big eyes.
She saw his potential
He didn’t believe her.
He left her waiting
With nary a call
He came back to his house
No longer his home.


She Sees You

She is better when sad,
With downturned face,
Lips pulled thin,
Lost in thought–
Her edges sharp.
Then, up you walk
To tease out her smile
Hidden under cloudy eyes.
When her gaze meets yours
You believe in “we”–
That you are what she wants,
That you are her only wish.
As she sits in a corner
Of this awful, tiny room
That she made last week
When she pushed him away,
But now–
She is looking at you.

The Ladies

They sing with no abandon
with no loss for inspiration
fueled by liquid courage–
passion from each last night.
They are dancing in small spaces
where it is not allowed
believing their songs are beautiful
better than cliches in a dive bar.
A larger than life voice
adds to the background
losing its hard edge
as a long night goes on.

Are You There? 

I wait
for a glimpse
of us
in the moment
we were
looking for
when you
met the eye
I caught you with
from the edge of a vision
which no longer exists