Ah, see how the trees huddle together
bundled against the chilled winter sun,
defined by the clouds, low over their heads.
The well-meaning are shadowed beneath
the far-reaching, those facing the heat.
Soaking up what little warmth they can,
bracing themselves against coming storms.
History repeats itself, as we have all seen
premonitions, the end of long seasons.
There is no reasoning with unreasonable forces,
they see nothing of the trees for the forest.


Long Message

I have learned to be concise
to the point, as it is most important
It has taken years of long messages
played on repeat as people speed;
no regard to the receiver
who is hard of hearing
from a foreign country
with a heavy accent,
which you hear at the greeting.
Quickly forgotten, it doesn’t matter,
you believe you are saving time
then they ask you to say it again.
They couldn’t hear you
“Please enunciate, you’re slurring
where are you from?
What did you say?”
Wasting the valuable seconds
you thought you had saved.