The Librarian

Maggie gingerly stepped through the large wooden doorway leading to the old librarian’s study. The weathered man wore his brown hair cropped short and neat, contrasted sharply by his unkempt brown robes. He set the aged parchment down on his desk next to a flickering black candle, which had melted down to a nub by the time the young girl walked in.

“Yes, child?” Bernard, the old man, asked in a gentle voice as he examined the timid thirteen year old. Large brown eyes darted about like hummingbirds, searching the room for danger. Wispy brown hair curled about her pale face, several strands escaping the braid it had been forced into that morning.

“Sir, I was just wondering if you were going to retire soon? Kate asked that I help her in the kitchen this evening, and the sun is setting soon,” stuttering rapidly, Maggie pushed her hair back nervously as blue eyes pierced through her over dirty spectacles.

“No, I won’t be ready for quite some time. I’m afraid I’ve got to finish studying this map, I’m expecting a visitor later,” he noticed the large ring Maggie wore on a thin strap of leather around her neck. It was a large silver ring, tarnished to the point that the engravings surrounding the center stone were illegible. Bernard adjusted his glasses then asked, “I think I may need some assistance this evening. Would you be so kind to escort me to my meeting?”

Questioning the old man would be unheard of, instead Maggie politely reminded him, “Sir, I’m meant to be helping Kate prepare for tomorrow’s feast.”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you assisted me, but you can ask her yourself, she can find another scribe to help her. This place is crawling with them lately,” he grumbled and turned away from Maggie, “run along now, I need you back here within the hour.”

Maggie curtsied slowly before running out of the study to find Kate. In his study, Bernard forgot his scroll for the moment, contemplating the conversation that he had with the young girl. A bit of excitement had caused the girl’s ring to glow and lit her eyes with the same amber color of the stone. He had been hoping this day would come since he stepped over the Tower’s threshold with a squalling baby girl, how convenient that she would show the hint of her true power on the day her father was scheduled to arrive. The man didn’t know she existed, but Bernard could guarantee he would want to know that his only daughter survived the raid that had killed his wife. Now was the time to return home, and the girl would be his redemption.

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